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Family Connections' Young Scholars Program


Young Scholars Program Mission

The mission of the Young Scholars Program is to support and partner with Family Connections’ low-income families and to help their children realize their dreams of completing college and becoming successful citizens who positively impact their community.

Young Scholars Program Background

At Family Connections we believe one of the most important things parents can do for their children is to become involved in their children’s education. This involvement starts from the time the child is born and lasts a lifetime. In addition, we believe that children’s educational needs can be best met by developing a strong partnership between parents, children, and other community partners committed to helping children succeed.

The Young Scholars Program supports low-income students and their families who have actively participated at Family Connections for at least one school year. The program provides students with the resources needed to succeed personally and academically from kindergarten through college via a program that incorporates academic support, mentoring guidance, and parent engagement. The Young Scholars Program offers weekly one-on-one meetings and monthly student and parent education classes as well as extracurricular activities to guide families through the various educational stages.

Our objective is to actively engage our Young Scholars, their families, and community partners to promote a culture where students are inspired to believe in their abilities, develop their strengths, and discover their passion. The Young Scholars Program enables students to reach their full potential so they may obtain a college degree and give back to their communities.


“I’ve brought my kids since they were a baby. My son, Ryan, was having problems as a toddler talking. I believe that having him with other children helped him with his talking. At Family Connections, I saw progress.”

Margarita Herrera, Family Connections mother of two children 8 and 2.5 years old